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When people hear the term “branding iron”, most everyone thinks cattle brands. At Brand-First, we have taken the branding iron to another level. We make branding irons not only for cattle, but also to mark wood, leather, plastic, food, ice, and much more.

Brand-First has been manufacturing branding irons and hot stamping equipment for industry, small business, restaurants, ranches, and hobbyists for over 65 years. Call us for expert advice 248-583-5353. The following is a sampling of the branding tools Brand-First can make for you:

We offer a complete line of cattle branding irons that include fire and electric heated, as well as freeze branding irons. Branding iron heaters, dehorners and accessories are also available. Our custom branding irons can be engraved with any logo, custom design or unique signature.

Personalized branding irons, both fire heated and electric, make great gifts for your favorite wood worker or craftsman. We carry a wide range of wood branding irons and accessories.

Branding tools for restaurants includes our new hamburger bun branding machine which brands up to 12 buns at once within 2 to 3 seconds. We also offer hand held branding tools for single hamburger bun marking as well as our newest branding tools to brand lemons and ice.

Propane powered branding tools are a favorite with bee keepers (or apiarist). Propane powered branding is completely portable and allows branding in remote areas. Our tools have single or double line type holders for interchangeable type. Also used for winery barrel marking and pallet marking.

Tire branding irons are available in electric heated or propane powered models. Brand tires with serial numbers and / or inventory numbers quickly and easily.

Leather stamps can be made to hit with a hammer or burn into leather.

We welcome the opportunity to offer our expertise to your branding and/or hot stamping requirements.
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