BRAND-FIRST electric branding tools are made and priced complete. Our branding iron pricing includes the electric branding iron and a custom engraved branding head or type holder. There are no hidden costs, artwork fees, or setup fees!

Our electric branding irons range from occasional light duty to every day and all day long industrial use. Hand held branding irons, to drill press mount branding tools, to complete branding machines; we can provide you with the brand image size and heating power that best works for your branding requirements.

All Brand-First electric branding irons are equipped with interchangeable branding heads. Simply screw the heads on and off of the hot iron brand. You may purchase additional branding heads separately for any of our irons at any time.

Brand-First electric branding irons with single or double line type holders lets you create your own wording or number brands by quickly changing the interchangeable type purchased separately. Interchangeable type are available in character sizes from 1/8 to 1 tall for all electric hot iron brands.

In addition to these Electric Branding Irons, we also offer Flame Heated Branding Irons.

If you have any questions, or just need help deciding what branding tool best suits your requirements, please call our experts at 248-583-5353.
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