Drill Press Mount Branding Tool

Drill Press Mount Branding Tool

FYI........Select the correct branding head size based on your longest logo dimension. For example; if your actual logo measures 2" x 4". You should select the 4" x 4" branding head from the drop down window above.

Email Your LOGO Art Work - CLICK HERE sales@brand-first.com, INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION !

This branding tool is used in a drill press which can hold a 1/2 inch shank and has a minimum of 9" between the bottom of the chuck and the drill press table.

Brand-First heat cartridge(s) evenly heats the entire logo brand face. Beware of single heater tools offered by other manufacturers.

Available in 110/115 or 220/240 volt.

Branding tool includes one interchangeable logo plate. Additional logo plates may be purchased at any time.

The adjustable spring mounted branding head allows the logo plate to sit squarely on your piece every time.

(Please allow 2-3 weeks to ship)

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