Brand-First's Propane powered branding irons are completely portable and allows branding in remote areas where electricity is not available. Propane powered branding tools can mark wood, rubber, plastic, leather and more.

Connect our branding tool to your propane gas tank. The propane gas branding iron comes with a 10 hose and a POL connection. It connects to your propane tank, the same as your gas grill does at home.

Bee Keepers (or apiarist) use propane branding irons with single or double line type holders for interchangeable type to mark their hives. Construction Contractors use propane powered branding tools to mark their shovels, ladders, tools and scaffolding. Wineries use propane branding irons to mark their wine barrels and crates. Interchangeable type are available in character sizes up to 1 tall.

If you have any questions about our propane gas branders, please call our experts at 248-583-5353.
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