30 Watt Branding Iron

30 Watt Branding Iron

Item# bf-30
Branding head is 3/4 x 3/4 inch, your logo will be as large as possible on its face:
Click here to view Electric Hand Held Branders-user instructions

Email Your Brand Image - CLICK HERE sales@brand-first.com, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION !

Price include the electric branding tool and one custom engraved branding head.

Your custom engraved logo, monogram, or special verbiage will be engraved as large as possible upon the tools 3/4" x 3/4" face.

BRAND-FIRST's BF-30-L Small Branding Iron is designed for low to moderate use. This tool is capable of branding all types of woods, plastics, leathers, corks, most rubbers, and more.

Makes a great gift! (Please allow 7-10 work days to ship)

OPTIONAL: BRAND-FIRST's Model BF-MP-1 temperature regulator plugs in between your electrical outlet and the heat branding tool and enables you to adjust the tool's temperature for a more uniform brand.

OPTIONAL: BRAND-FIRST's plastic or wood storage box makes the perfect gift box for your custom made branding iron. You may add a small plastic storage box (holds branding tool only) or a wooden box that will hold the small heat branding iron tool and temperature regulator.

Need something a little bigger? In addition to this small branding iron, we also offer a Large Branding Iron.
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