HD Flame Heated Type Holder

HD Flame Heated Type Holder

Item# BF-FL-HD
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Branding Iron Holder for Interchangeable Letters & Numbers:

Slotted head made for ONE or TWO rows of interchangeable type. Heads can be made up to 6" wide. Character size dictates how many pieces of type you can put in a row.

We will size the width of the head according to the character size you choose and the maximum number of characters per line you require. Heads heat quicker and more evenly if sized to fit only the number of stamps required per line.

A 6" wide holder will hold up to the following number of stamps per line:

3/16 Character Type, Maximum 24 characters per line.

1/4 Character Type, Maximum 22 characters per line

3/8" Character Type, Maximum 14 characters per line

1/2 Character Type, Maximum 10 characters per line

3/4" Character Type, Maximum 8 characters per line

1 Character Type, Maximum 6 characters per line

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE TYPE. Go to our Heavy Duty Interchangeable Type section for type information and pricing,

THESE TOOLS ARE NOT FOR BRANDING FOOD. (Please allow 7-10 work days to ship)

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