Custom Flame Heated Branding Iron

Custom Flame Heated Branding Iron

Custom Flame Heated Branding Iron
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Brand-First can duplicate ANY logo, signature, or font. Our quoted price for custom branding irons will include the conversion of your artwork, one custom logo branding head, and a 12" stainless steel handle with 4" hardwood grip.

Our standard engraving depth for irons banding wood is 1/16" deep. If you intend to brand wood as well as softer materials like leather, foam and plastics, we recommend our Deep Engraved Option, which is 1/8" deep.

Should you place an order with us, prior to engraving your custom branding tool head, Brand-First will email you a proof copy of your logo for your approval. Upon your approval, we will engrave your custom branding tool. (Please allow 7-10 work days to ship)

HOW TO CALCULATE SQUARE INCH OF YOUR LOGO. If your logo measures 2 inch tall x 3 inch wide, multiply 2 x 3 = 6 square inches. Select "Up to 6 square inches, Add $ (+65)" from the pull down window above. This size adds $65.00 to the base price of $85.00 listed. Total price $150.00 will be shown at check out.

Start designing your custom hot iron brand today!


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