Hamburger Bun Branding Machine

Hamburger Bun Branding Machine

Item# BF-BBM
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Brand-First Hamburger Bun Branding Machine is capable of branding up to twelve hamburger buns in 2 to 3 seconds.

The machine is equipped with one stainless steel logo branding plate (made with your logo or verbiage) and one aluminum bun positioning plate made to the bun size you require.

The number of buns the machine will brand at one time depends on the diameter of bun you wish to brand.

3 inch diameter "slider" buns, brand 12 at one time

4 inch diameter buns, brand 6 at one time

5 inch diameter buns, brand 4 at one time.

Logo branding plates are interchangeable. You may purchase additional logo plates and bun positioning trays for any size bun at any time.

There are NO MOVING PARTS to this machine. The operator simply loads the buns on the positioning tray provided, slides the bun tray into the machine, tilts the tray up so the buns press into the logo branding plate for approximately 2 to 3 seconds then lowers and pulls the tray out of the machine to unload the branded buns.

We can also make the machine brand hot dog buns, submarine sandwich buns, pancakes, tortillas, and more. Call us with any questions, 248-583-5353.
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