BRAND-FIRST personalized branding irons, both fire heated and electric, lets you professionally mark your hand made woodwork, furniture and other creations. Our branding irons make a great gift for your favorite wood worker or craftsman.

BRAND-FIRST personalized barbecue banding irons brand steaks, burgers, buns, tortillas, rolls, chicken, and more. Our BBQ branding iron heads are made of food safe stainless steel, mounted to a stainless steel handle with wood grip. BBQ branding irons are used by restaurants, caterers, home grillers and tailgaters.

Two new items recently added to our food branding tools are our lemon brander and ice stamp.

The lemon brander will brand lemons, limes, bananas, bread, dinner rolls and more with your logo, monogram or message. These customized branding irons produce clear marks on a wide range of surfaces.

The Ice Branding tool brands your logo or monogram into ice simply by pressing the face of the ice stamp onto the ice cube. Within seconds the image is imprinted. NO HEAT REQUIRED!

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If you have any questions, or just need help deciding what branding tool best suits your requirements, please call our experts at 248-583-5353.
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