Flame Heated Branding Irons

Flame Heated Branding Irons
BRAND-FIRST flame heated branding irons are the most economical tool for branding. Custom flame heated branding tool includes the branding head engraved with your image or logo attached to a 12 stainless steel handle with 4 long hardwood grip.

The most popular way to heat the branding head is by plumbers' torch, however a gas or electric grill / stove works well too.

Specialty Branding Irons are cut from durable stainless steel, these tools can be used for branding wood, leather, and more. An impressive looking branding iron for brands over 6" x 6". MAKES FOR GREAT CORPORATE PROMOTIONS & GIFTS!

Need a truly unique gift, trophy, decoration or want to commemorate a special occasion? You might consider a Specialty Branding Iron.
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